Cycling through Italian mountain tunnels

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Cycling through Italian mountain tunnels

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Qualcuno può essere d'aiuto? ...
è un problema che ho avuto spesso anch'io ... ma quando si è lì, all'imbocco del tunnel, non si sa mai cosa fare :evil: .
I am trying to find out whether it is permissible to cycle through these tunnels. We encountered mountain tunnels in the Pyrenees en route to Gibraltar in 2010 and it was not permissible to cycle through those tunnels, hence my attempt to find out more about the Italian ones.
The section of our route in question in Italy is on the SS50/SR50 road and runs from Mezzano, through Pontet, to Fonzaso. Some of the tunnels are named, such as the Sass Taia, Galleria Cofanovi, Galleria Pontet-Cortella and Val Rosna. The best I have been able to determine so far has been through use of Google street view to look at road signs on this section of the route. Thus far I have not seen any no cycling signs on approaching any of the tunnels, but this is not necessarily definitive.

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